Internet Public Radio #2- J E L L V A K O

Combining Hip Hop, trap, and dubstep into a sinewy sweet and dirty combination is South Korea’s J E L L V A K O, who has released with labels such as Opal Tapes.

2016.01.21 NIGHTBlOOMING [SoundCloud]
2017.02.16 The Light [SoundCloud]
2017.05.17 KODE01[SoundCloud]
2017.08.07 Dumbfoundead – Hyung (JELLVAKO Remix) [SoundCloud]
2017.09.27 S P L A S H [SoundCloud]
2018.01.13 INTERGALACTIC (JELLVAKO Remix) [SoundCloud]
2018.03.09 The First Single [RE:REST(Feat.Moldy)] [Luminent Entertainment]
2018.03.13 MONONOKE [SoundCloud]
2018.04.03 SOPHIE – Faceshopping (JELLVAKO Remix) [SoundCloud]
2018.07.27 The Second Single [VISION] [Grack Thany]
2018.09.13 D O S I [SoundCloud]
2018.12.13 FaMe’ [SoundCloud]
2019.03.23 Stelfox – Fear Dub (Jellvako Remix) EP [Forest Biz]
2019.07.01 KODE01 ‘Amateur Vampires’ [Opal Tapes]
2019.07.16 Rendah Mag Beat cypher 002 with HNGIN [Rendah Mag]
2019.08.16 INTEGRATION EP [Opaltapes]
2019.11.13 NET GALA – Altrauma (J E L L V A K O Remix) [Pocranos]
2019.12.31 Ola Szmidt – Wrapped (J E L L V A K O & HNGIN Remix) [Sound Cloud]
2020.02.28 Valo x J E L L V A K O – Tribal [Sound Cloud]

– Track List –

Moniker – Encryption (Secret Act & Frantsel Remix)
Subp Yao – Sum Output
Woulg – Sacrifice (Kursa Remix)
dead end – apex predator
Noer the Boy – Defff
nvctve 2 -Distress (scrapped song)
JuLo x yunis – GRAFIX
Ankou – Sigil
Konka x Strange Thing – Killah
CABLE – Summer School
AOTA – Lexicon
J E L L V A K O – S P L A S H
sv1 – flora
Iglooghost – Lamb (Feat. BABii, Kai Whiston)
anti.negative – Mentasm
Bold Theory – ELBE
SISKA x skewbs – Gotta Move
Kid Kun X Psychic Pressure – Combustion
molotilkin – Clean Design
Aagentah – Deimos
Sister Mary – Omega
Tek Genesis – Amber
Paige Julia – Kōpiko
Nvctve – Daze VIP
Chimera – Deflect
Reso – ARMUS
Resonant Language -Teeter
DET & Vorso – Beware
Craz – Glitch Mountayn
Omnist – Realness
Borborygm – Whitebear X kLL sMTH (sMTH Mix)
Kromuh x Spades – Obtuse Rubber Goose
Driftwood & Enzyme – Neuroplasticity
Zimbu – Big Foot Mon
DAYLE – U Do With
Ivy Lab x Two Fingers – Talk To Me
Huxley Anne – Agarwood

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