New Cassette coming
Omic-‘Empty Landscape’ from “Songs of Hope and Frustration.

Mastering by: Opal Tapes

Music to file under ‘other’.”
OMIC is a new side-project from Ian McDonnell – better know as electronic music producer and DJ Eomac, having released on numerous labels such as The Trilogy Tapes, Bedouin Records, and his own imprint Eotrax he returns with Omic-exploring the experimental, the unusual, the idiosyncratic side of his output.

Inspired by the idea of ‘outsider’ music and explorative producers like Jim O’Rourke and Arthur Russell, OMIC approaches music without the constraints of genre and style or the ‘dancefloor’ considerations and conventions that
are usually present in Ian’s output.

Off-key vocal experiments, downtempo electronica, ambient, noise,
pop, techno – expect all, any and none of the above.
He will release an EP titled “Songs of Hope and Frustration” on limited edition cassette in June.

Stay tuned.

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