I wonder what the label is.

I wonder what the label is.

Before I was born, when records were the norm, I think it was literally a music production company printed on a label sticker.

At a time when it was impractical for an individual to press a number of records and have a record shop display their work, labels were an absolute necessity for artists to focus on their work. The money for release would not have been small, and putting it out on the label would have been a feat in itself.

And around the time I started music, there were a lot of independent labels and I saw a complicated diagram that said, “It seems to be run by an individual, but actually it’s under the umbrella of a major, but the affiliation is only one artist.”

As the medium of music has changed from records to cassettes and CDs, the activities of labels, which were difficult to do without a large organization, have become more and more compact. I still understand only fluffily what the thing called a label is because I was looking at the time when it was overflowing to such a wide variety, a large and small various labels.

And now that the Internet has developed. We live in an age where individuals can produce and distribute music, distribute it to the world via the Internet, and even publicize and promote it. It was a time when there are no records or CDs to label.

What is the meaning of a label in this day and age?

Nothing, just go back to your record-era label form! This is not to say that I don’t want to say, “I don’t want to do this. Rather the opposite.

Originally, the music was just a vibration of the air played once. With the birth of technology, it was recorded, given the form of a product, and landed in this world. This kind of music, with the help of well-developed technology, causes to abandon their bodies and ascend into the sky. That’s the kind of freeing image I envision.

So, has the label been left behind by the music that ascends to the heavens? Are we still bound by the weight of the product?

No, no, even now new labels are being created every day, and the joy and discovery of listening on a label-by-label basis is increasing thanks to streaming services. The word “label” seems to have acquired civil rights, and maybe I don’t need to think what is a label after all this time.

But even so, I thought.

What the label is ?

Even though times have changed, what comes to mind when we call ourselves a label instead of an individual is a collective. It’s a statement that you’re not alone.

We live in a world where one person can do everything, but no matter how hard you try alone, you can’t do things with people.

It’s a given, but I wondered if that’s what a label is all about in the first place.

What you can’t do as an individual, you can do as a group. It’s more than just labeling, it’s connecting people to people.

That’s why I created this site.

It’s not just a site with a list of releases and artists, it’s more like a theme park, like a showcase. I wanted to create and provide a place where more different cultures could mix. We wanted the label to function as a place where we could create chaos in a good way.

It’s very difficult to do anything with people but I believe that people have come together and lived. It’s still fun to get together even though there are many things going on. There are things that come from people coming together. I thought I could get back to a motivation as simple as that now, with technology improving.

Label is not special recently.
People gathering will makes special.

That’s why we can do more and more interesting things.

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